Vantage Farms presents a first of its kind opportunity in the country, to own plots in a ‘Cooperative farming’ venture.

The site is strategically located in close proximity to national highway 44 which connects Hyderabad to Bangalore and rest of South India.

Despite, being close to one of the busiest national highways, the site is tucked away in serene, lush green environment. The site evokes a feeling of tranquility. It is particularly, rejuvenating for those who have been stressed by the grueling urban, corporate lifestyle.

Typically, developers of plotting ventures leave your property abandoned for years, with little or no appreciation. However, our approach is refreshingly different, as we are actively involved in day to day operations. We have devised innovative commercial activities to ensure maximum return on investment and appreciation of your property.

The proposed venture is a perfect blend of business with pleasure.By investing in the venture not only would you make a sound investment decision, but also make a special place for family retreat.

The property value of the lands and plots in the area has been on a sharp upswing.In addition, to the property value appreciation, the investors gain from the revenues derived from livestock farming, on a regular basis.